ION-ONE® Creating and Designing future…


ION-ONE Clothes Technology®, registered trademark, dedicated to the Culture of Wellbeing and Sports Performance through our creations, manufacturing and marketing of textile technology in sports apparel and clothing, leisure time and health.

We were born from a single desire, to design the future of sport and well-being through textile technology with an important biotechnological advance to accompany all people desiring to seek well-being and health by providing them with the appropriate clothing … the name emerged of a reflection
spontaneous that gave rise to the physical state, through which we will be identifying through our technology of the ION (electric molecule) and the reference of being the first ONE which will give its benefits to the service of well-being. This equation gave us the etymology of our brand … We have been researching, designing and creating fitness fitness concepts for all users of all levels of the World for more than 10 years.

We began modestly to be interested in the investigation of new technologies adapted to the physiology of the Human body, in order to improve our efforts and give greater comfort, until we get to create our ION-ONE® line which is registered and patented what makes She an exclusive line, being ION-ONE®
Only owner of such creation and design, entirely manufactured in Europe. Spain. Barcelona giving the greatest security, traceability and quality to our Clients.

In every moment of your life, you must be natural, intuitive and make you feel better


First of all ION-ONE® philosophy is defined with a constant
requirement when creating your products, based on high quality products
with a price of the most affordable, in order to provide that grain of sand that makes the world of fitness and health in general bigger every day.

Today our only concern is to support our Clients and be their motivator to improve day by day.

Researching and developing new concepts that are increasingly close to their needs, to give them the best guarantee and increasingly personal services. As well as the need for a service and customer service, so you can check any of your needs.

ION-ONE ® has a strong network of collaborators
in EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA for greater dissemination and efficiency at the time
to give full attention to the trials and studies of our products.


• The complete satisfaction of our Clients is our priority and “raison d’être”.
• Know that our creations can contribute value to the well-being of each one.
• Our People and their Quality of Life are of great importance to us.
• We look for and deliver solutions for our cost-effective customers.
• Great Partnerships with our Collaborators and Distributors.
• We invest in the Collection and Certification of all our collaborators.
• We seek Excellence through our Creations, Projects and Services.
• Specialization in the different areas of Technology for which we work.