Developed by ION-ONE® Bioceramics Fusion® (infrared bioceramic) ORCHIDE RED Top Bras a modern design. The first sports bra with thermo-regulation, a combination of firmness and perfect fit. Front and back lined lining. Wide waistband greater support. Its nature gives you greater micro-circulation and keeps your chest firm. Improvement of muscle tone, designed for your lifestyle. Elegant and refined. Permanent, soft and light effect. Guaranteed comfort . Breathable and quick drying. These results may vary according to users depending on their characteristics and body physiology.

• 100% Spanish manufacturing. Europe.
• Second skin mimicry fit
• Innovative Technological Fabric of high performance of elastic compression 4 way.
• Models from size Xs to M.
• This item is made by order.
• Delivery time is 10 days. FREE SHIPPING IN PENINSULA.

Fabric 74% PES. Polyester Bioceramics Fusion® 26% EA. Elastane Lycra Sport® 

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Bioceramics are a variety of inorganic materials whose formation among other minerals are composed of oxides of titanium (anatase and rutile), aluminum, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium, oxygen, zirconium silicate, with a formulation in suitable proportions are capable of capture and emit far infrared in a certain wavelength of energy that gives off our own body when we apply our tissues that contain these particles in the spinning which we use.




Everyday Performance by Design


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