The latest created by ION-ONE®, The Soft Sweater Sweatshirt incorporates an extended silhouette with a high collar to provide maximum comfort, functionality and an unmatched aesthetic. Elegant and comfortable. Carefully designed in Plush Hanger. Its structured style offers a comfortable fit. With a 3-panel lined hood that allows for the most elegant fit, its kangaroo pocket allows you to carry your essential belongings. With subtle finish on the sleeves with gloves for better adaptability and cold protection.

• 100% Spanish manufacturing. Europe.
• Second skin mimicry fit
• Innovative Technological Fabric of high performance of elastic compression 4 ways.
• Models from size Xs to L.
• This item is made by order.
• Delivery time is 10 days. FREE SHIPPING IN PENINSULA.

100% Organic cotton fabric.

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RE-ECO TEXTILE – ORGANIC® is a cotton fabric that has been produced in organic farming, some of the characteristics of this type of agriculture is the absence of consumption of fertilizers, herbicides or chemical and toxic pesticides, in addition to the absence of generically modified organisms. This agriculture defends the normal functioning of agricultural soils, ecosystems and the health of workers and consumers. It combines tradition with innovation and science to benefit the different vectors of the environment, including people’s quality of life. Some of the activities carried out in organic agriculture are the use of some insects to prevent pests, multifunctionalization of the field, natural defoliation of cotton plants, crop rotation and composting, among many other things.



Everyday Performance by Design



XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

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